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Renovating your new or existing home?

Pacor Mortgage Corp. provides numerous opportunities when it comes to home buying. One of the many options offered by Pacor Mortgage Corp. includes home renovation loans.

The below products are offered on purchase AND refinance transactions!

Streamlined Renovation

Have you found the perfect house, but the kitchen needs a little updating?  Do you already own your dream home and want to personalize it to match your style? No problem!  We have a loan that can help you make your dreams a reality!  This is a great option for cosmetic fixes, like paint, flooring, countertops, or replacement windows.  Include up to 15% of the as-completed appraised value in your home loan for renovations.

  No rate increase as with the Homestyle Renovation or FHA 203k loan.
  15% max nonstructural project – furnace/roof/HVAC/etc.
  Help finance a small repair or cosmetic improvement to avoid costly emergency bills!
  Increase your buying power by making improvements/renovations to the home before you move in!
  No need for a home equity loan with an adjustable rate, when you can roll your renovation costs right into your loan payment. Extra funds to upgrade appliances, it’s all up to you!
  Minimum 5% down.
  Funds will be held in Pacor Mortgage Corp. escrow account until the project is complete.
  With interest rates rising, these one-time close, renovation options give you peace of mind to lock in one low rate for everything.
  The money is available to you immediately at closing to get started right away!

Homestyle Renovation

Ideal for small additions or a kitchen and bathroom rework. This one-time close option allows for up to 180 days to complete work. Include up to 50% of the as-completed appraised value in your home loan for renovations.


Gutting an entire house or adding a major addition? Pacor Mortgage Corp offers one closing, one set of closing costs, and one low interest rate from construction through to your end loan.