Staging Your Home During The Summer

July 15, 2022

Summer is typically the busiest time of year in the real estate market. Some reasons for increased activity are families looking to relocate before school starts and developers wanting the most of long daylight hours to finish renovation projects.

Home staging is a great way to make the most of the hot summer real estate market. It can increase buyer interest and the number of offers you receive. By incorporating some summer-specific strategies, your home will appeal more to potential homebuyers. 

Why stage your home for summer?

Home staging is an attempt to make buyers feel connected to the property. Staging allows potential buyers to visualize the space as theirs by carefully considering its layout and decor style. An attractive space will attract more buyers, leading to more offers and a higher price. According to the National Association of Realtors, 83% of buyer’s agents said that staging the property made it easier to envision the property as a home.

How can you stage your home to appeal to potential buyers and maximize its value? Highlight the best aspects of your home, both inside and outside. Think about curb appeal, lighting, color, and temperature. Minor, seasonal updates or additions increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. These tips will help you stage your summer home for a successful sale.

Home Staging Tips

Play Up Colors

Summer is all about bright colors, brilliance, and energy. Think of flowers in full bloom, lush greenery, and sunny blue skies. Choose vibrant colors to match the active lifestyle of the season.

Plant bright flowers such as impatiens and dahlias on the home’s exterior. Potted plants can be added to small spaces to add color. Add a few summery touches to your interior decor by adding bright throw pillows, hand towels, and candles with summer themes.

Remember Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, so show your curb appeal. Make your yard attractive to potential buyers by keeping your grass trimmed and watered. Enhance curb appeal at your front door. Brighten your front door with a cheerful flowerpot or a brightly colored doormat. You can hang a flag or summer-themed wreath or put solar-powered lights along your walkway.

Highlight Outdoor Living

It’s all about being outdoors in summer when we can enjoy picnics, barbecues, and lazy days swimming. Let the buyers envision all the fun they will have entertaining their guests during summer with outdoor staging.

Set up outdoor dining areas with plates to showcase the possibility of hosting dinner parties and gatherings. Create a seating area for conversation by choosing neutral outdoor furniture and adding pops of color to the cushions. Remove the grill and other personal items such as children’s toys or yard games. 

Outdoor lighting is an excellent option for summer parties. Consider using solar lights, strings of Edison bulbs, or tiki torches. Create shade for those hot afternoons with sunshades or an umbrella, or plant new trees to provide natural shade.

Keep it Cool (Literally)

Illinois summers bring heat and humidity. You want buyers to feel comfortable when they enter your home. Set the A/C to a comfortable, cool temperature. Ceiling fans can circulate cool air. A buyer will spend more time viewing your home if they feel comfortable and can see themselves living there in the future.

Light In Abundance

Natural lighting is very desirable among buyers. During the summer, when light is abundant, play up the bright, natural light as much as possible. Trim back or remove any trees or hedges that might block the windows. Clean and replace all windows and doors with new treatments that allow sunlight in. Use sheer curtains d to increase light and reduce heat if necessary. For darker rooms, add mirrors and lighter shades to increase the light.

Trust Pacor Mortgage

Strategically promoting your home as a place where you can enjoy the summer season is a way to make the most of increased market activity. To attract more buyers, take advantage of your outdoor living space, vibrant colors, and the natural beauty that summer brings to your home.

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